From Manuscript to Book

Our mission

To help you publish the best version of your story possible while navigating the wild world of books.

Our Philosophy

Quality and honesty.

Your work will never be rushed. It deserves better than that. I value the effort you have put into your story, and it will be treated as the blossoming work of art it is.

I promise to be honest with you. If something isn’t working, I will tell you. You will not be left hanging though, I will offer professional insights into how to fix issues while staying true to your authorial voice as well as the expectations of your target readers.

Our Founder

My name is Brianne Vander Neut (call me B) and I love to live in the fantasy worlds you have created. I much prefer them to reality (who doesn’t?). 

I received my B.A. Honors in Anthropology from Carleton University many moons ago. 

What’s anthropology? It’s the study of cultures, which makes me adept at understanding fantasy worlds and picking up on any nuances that might be missed. It also means those romantic connections your characters have will be analyzed by an expert.

When I’m not reading your manuscript, I’m usually reading some romantic book or can be found in my garden with the countless rabbits that call it home or with my fur babies. 

Time in nature helps me reflect on your writing, it gives it time to settle and mull in my mind. Even when I’m not physically working on your novel, I’ll be thinking about it. It’s lingering thoughts about characters and plots that transform your manuscript into a book readers cannot put down. Together, we’ll shape your story into a timeless piece.

Send me 1,500 words—any part of your manuscript—for a free assessment. I’ll send you back my thoughts and a brief overview of what I believe your work needs.