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Great question. Assuming your book is 100,000 words long, the average Developmental edit should take 2 weeks. A Critique Partner Edit is averaged at 3 weeks. Why the difference? The Critique Partner package is more intensive and I spend more time picking at the lines as well as the manuscript as a whole.

You likely will add chapters. That’s not a bad thing. For those in the Critique Partner package, new chapters (not exceeding a total of 10,000 words) will be considered as part of the original manuscript. When you are ready for them, send me an email and I’ll give them the same treatment as the rest of the book.

I will not abandon you. You will be provided with a How-To-Navigate-Edits as part of any editorial package. Critique Partner clients receive 2 free brainstorming sessions. We will iron out all those wrinkly bits. Really stuck and ready to toss your computer? Email me first. Like I said, I won’t leave you hanging.

Assuming you signed up for the Developmental Edit or Critique Partner, chances are your manuscript is nearly ready to go. Once you have completed my suggested edits, read the whole book through, then send it off for line edits or beta/arc readers.
Make sure you update me with your release date! Send me an email with the subject title of [Your Book Title] Release Party. I will post it all over my socials to celebrate with you.

Absolutely. If you participated in a Developmental Edit or Critique Partner Edit, I will edit your blurb at no charge (limited to 2 passes of the blurb). Please allow time for blurb edits, as I may be tangled in the sheets with another manuscript.

Currently, the only method of payment is via PayPal. International clients will be billed in USD. Canadian clients will be billed in CAD. Taxes will be included based on your province/state (because I have to pay my government taxes too).

I request 30% of your package total before I begin work. Why? Because theft happens even in this industry. This deposit assures that I receive some compensation before submitting your final work and invoice.

Yes. A contract protects us both. You from copyright infringement and me from forces beyond my control.

With the right amount of marketing and determination, I believe it can. Will editing it guarantee that? No. Without marketing, even the best-written and edited book will never be read. I will give you tips and tricks on how to market your book. These are not guarantees, but they will help you get started.